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Tools used

Web design, UI/UX, Wireframes, custom development, Consulting, CRM, digital strategy, Intranet, Extranet, Booking tool, Survey tools, newsletter


By analyzing the current challenges facing HOTREC in terms of communication, internal collaboration and information accessibility, we identified the opportunities inherent in modernizing its digital platforms (website and intranet). Our approach was not only to update the visual appearance, but also to optimize the user experience, thereby reinforcing HOTREC's position as an influential leader within the European hotel industry. The redesign of HOTREC's website and intranet is more than just an aesthetic update; it represents a strategic investment aimed at strengthening the organization's digital presence and facilitating collaboration within its network.


To carry out this redesign, we designed and developed a modern, elegant website using our Open Source framework Javlo. Offering an engaging, intuitive and secure online experience, the site perfectly meets the specific needs of the European Confederation of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés, providing information to members of the sector in a clear and structured way. We also proposed a new approach and configured a customized back-office, enabling the Hotrec team to facilitate day-to-day management.

Alongside this new website, we have developed a new dedicated intranet. This is a key tool for HOTREC in terms of secure communication with its members. By creating an internal platform, the organization can establish an exclusive, protected and efficient channel for exchanging confidential information, sharing strategic updates and facilitating collaboration between members. This intranet guarantees not only the confidentiality of exchanges, but also rapid accessibility to essential resources This thus contributes to strengthening cohesion and responsiveness within the federation.

Advanced features

Andromede Digital has implemented advanced features such as: event management with registration, collaborative workspaces with the provision of "surveys" and working notes and document exchange, taxonomic search tools.

All this offering HOTREC a centralized platform to stimulate engagement, foster innovation and strengthen ties within its professional community that will help consolidate its position as a major reference in the European hotel industry.


Thanks to this new website, Hotrec has been able to professionalize the presentation of its content, offering a clean, modern public space coupled with a secure intranet that structures communication between members. They can also benefit from a simple, scalable tool that facilitates the day-to-day management of the website and intranet.