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Web platforms & applications

Web platforms and interfaces, such as custom web applications and matchmaking platforms, offer many benefits. They increase your visibility, distinguish you from your competitors and can be used to attract and retain customers.

Web application

We develop web applications that can connect to any technology to make your business more efficient.

Ergonomics and design

We create fast platforms with user-friendly interfaces to ensure the best possible user experience for your customers. Our designers and marketers work closely with our developers to create an attractive platform for your customers.


No download required, the web applications are available immediately on any browser on any support.

An efficient follow-up

We use the SCRUM project management method, which ensures a close collaboration with you through frequent exchanges for each key validation step until the delivery of the ideal product.


"15% of the population that suffers from a visual, hearing, cognitive or motor disability, but also improves access for all." This is why Andromede develops websites according to the accessibility criteria defined by Anysurfer.

Making the web accessible also makes it easier for the elderly, people with low literacy levels, people whose first language is not the language of the website and less experienced web users to use it. This represents a growing number of people.

A website that respects web accessibility standards allows people with visual, auditory, motor or cognitive limitations to have an optimal navigation experience.