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Tools used

Web design, UI/UX, Wireframes, Workshop, custom development, Consulting, API development, customer journey, forms, CRM, digital strategy, Design Thinking


The mortgage company wanted to increase conversion on its new website and find solutions to bring qualified leads through the site. They also wanted to provide clear information to visitors and accurate initial responses to avoid lead flight and frequent phone calls.


Andromede has developed a rate calculator for the Central Mortgage Office (CCH) website.
We have set up a client process that allows highly qualified prospects to contact the Central Mortgage Office. The objective here is to provide a detailed tool allowing visitors to project themselves in their borrowing project and to have first elements of answers which can be exploited by CCH's commercials.
If the customer requests an appointment after using the simulator, a flow is opened in the CRM with all the information already encoded. This allows the sales staff to follow up on the requests that arrive well structured in the CRM and to provide the appropriate solution to the prospects.
The calculator and its configuration are independent of the technology used for the website. The mortgage central can keep its calculator, make it evolve and use it on its next website for example.  
This tool is scalable and automated. It can be easily updated to meet the changing standards of the sector and thus provide an appropriate response to site visitors.


CCH has seen a decrease in untargeted calls that were wasting valuable team time. The requests are now targeted and the conversion rate has also increased significantly.
The leads received by the sales team are now qualified and they can be more effective in dealing with prospects.