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Strategy, 10-language WordPress site, UI/UX, Shooting, communication campaigns, Application design, ergonomics


Belrobotics launched its first range of robotic mowers over 25 years ago, to maintain the lawns of large gardens and professional facilities. Over the years, this Belgian company has specialized in fully automated mowing of sports fields and sites that can be described as extreme. Belrobotics, which is expanding its range of technological products, has not yet professionalized its image and communication to address the various markets it wants to conquer.

An online presence & a new positioning

In 2015, Andromede Digital partnered with Belrobotics to rethink its online communications. To support Belrobotics' expansion, our agency developed a new WordPress website, which was translated into 10 languages to cover 14 countries.

Our agency also produced several photo and video shoots (drone and interviews) that perfectly illustrate Belrobotics' level of specialization and technology.

The control application Belrobotics

With the collaboration of Belrobotics developers, Andromede has created a user-centric app enabling customers to manage, locate and maintain their robotic mowers. The app is available for iOS and Android. The app enables mower selection and control.