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Tools used

Web design, UI/UX, consulting, Custom web development, Java, ERP, E-commerce.


Suntory is a high-volume beverage distribution company that needs to manage large quantities of promotional items.
The management of promotional gifts was managed entirely by email. This made it very difficult to follow up on orders and production.


Andromede developed an internal e-commerce solution to define and track promotional gift orders. We have defined and configured different levels of security and access depending on the team.


The Suntory branches in each country can manage their own promotional gifts requests. Each order is directly managed from the platform without any additional email management.
Moreover, communication and promotion agencies can directly propose the visuals related to the product so that each country can configure its promotional campaigns.


An interface simple and uncluttered

  • Modern, clean design
  • Ease of use throughout the entire shopping process
  • A scalable site