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Tools used

Strategy, UI/UX, Wireframe, Wordpress development, Art direction, Shooting, Maintenance.


With its current site no longer in line with the brand's ambitions, Be Burger wanted a complete overhaul of its website. After conducting an internal strategic review, the team now wants to reposition itself as a leader in the premium burger sector.

Adapt identity

To create a genuine, instinctive and pleasant browsing experience, we developed a web charter that reinforces Be Burger's graphic identity. The style has been totally rethought and adapted to web/mobile use. In addition, new pictograms, new typography for titles, subtitles and body text, as well as new colors and mood shades have been implemented.

Work the image

In the wake of this global refresh, a product photo-shoot was organized. The aim? To harmonize the site's design and photographs to make the whole look coherent, and focus attention on the burgers, against a light but textured background. To highlight and illustrate the quality of the various ingredients (sourced locally, homemade sauces, baker's buns, etc.), photo shoots were also carried out of the burgers decomposed or levitated.

Mobile first

Following an in-house audience study, the site was conceived, designed and developed with mobile use in mind. In this mobile-first design, we're going straight to the point:

  • Simple, fluid navigation

  • Fast access to information

  • Fast, lightweight website to limit data consumption

  • Optimization of display space (removal of unnecessary functions, text size, etc.)

Covid Measures

As soon as the new Be Burger website went online, we had to reinvent ourselves and, above all, urgently adapt the sale of burgers to the exceptional health crisis we were going through.

To do this, we optimized the entire reservation and delivery system, with the aim of supporting the restaurants' alternative business. The Resengo (reservation) and Click&Collect systems were immediately configured.

At the same time, we were keen to anticipate the normal resumption of business with the development of a site for the opening of the 1st Be Burger restaurant in France last summer.