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Tools used

Web design, UI/UX, consulting, Custom web development, Java, ERP, E-commerce.


Marie Poppies is a company selling eco-responsible flowers that is only present in the B2B sector and wishes to establish its activity in the B2C sector with a subscription service allowing to receive bouquets at the desired frequency.

Several florists can produce the bouquets, several deliverymen can leave from a florist and bring the bouquet to the customer. All this in a very short time given the nature of the product; fresh flowers.


In order to extend its activity to B2C, Andromede proposes to create an eshop dedicated to the sale of eco-responsible bouquets. The back-office has been configured according to the needs and processes set up with Andromede for the launch of Marie Poppies' business. This allows us to automate certain tasks and to be more efficient in terms of invoicing, stock order tracking or delivery for example.

Setting up of two tools

An e-commerce site and an ERP. When an order is placed, the supplier's shipment is optimized according to the customer's location. This is to limit the delivery routes. The ERP allows to define several suppliers for the same product, a priority, a production capacity and a geographical coverage.


Marie Poppies can now easily manage the B2B part with a complete tool including an ERP configured specifically for their business. The assignment of the florist is managed by the site which will then be able to relay the order to the right delivery person. Marie Poppies can therefore work efficiently in both sectors.
  • Modern, clean design
  • Ease of use throughout the entire shopping process
  • A scalable site